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Capel Bangor Golf Club is a hidden gem with exceptional golf together with facilities which offer informal luxury and seamless service to the golfer and non golfer alike. It is set in 40 acres of superbly landscaped panoramic parkland overlooking the beautiful Rheidol Valley.

We’ll be blogging about golf and golf related articles as well as some of the challenges in running a successful golf club.

Upgrading a golf club house like Capel Bangor with an electric curtain rail

There’s nothing worse than enjoying a nice game of golf and returning to the club house on a warm day, only to find that your surroundings are a little bit dated, our electric curtain rail made all the difference! Most golf clubs were built in the last century and as such, begin to show their age unless they are modernized and kept up to date with changing styles. In the golf club that I’m a member of, they’ve been pretty good, the owner has really taken the initiative by not only installing the latest widescreen TVs but also installing modern gadgets like electric curtain tracks and rails that really give the place a luxury feel.

Electric curtain rails made all the difference!

Everyone was blow away when they saw what the electric curtain rails could actually do, especially on the warm days where the full glare of the sun was coming through the windows and overheating everyone in the golf and country club. He’s also installed them in the bar area too, which again was beginning to look a little dated if I’m honest. Now though, not only are there electric curtains but the bar itself has been given a makeover, the old battered wooden surfaces have been changed in favor of more modern styles of bar furniture. Now, playing a game of golf and returning back to the club is a pleasure!

Why concrete floor beams in a club like Capel Bangor country club make this golfer happy!

Any golf or country club owner will tell you that being shut is one of the worst things for business, which is why simple things like concrete floor beams can make a huge difference. As I mentioned earlier, every golf club needs renovating occasionally but being closed for too long can damage the bottom line. Extensions to a building can take particularly long too, I was lucky enough to observe the building of one where they use concrete floor beams to build the foundations, which I’m told is one of the most time consuming parts of any construction process and not just golf and country clubs.

concrete beam golf club

Precast concrete floors are the future, not just for golf clubs

I’m convinced that the above statement is true, after seeing how fast the extensions were placed in my local golf club I can honestly say that I was amazed. I’m told that using this type of flooring sped up the construction process by weeks!

How an Industrial dishwasher are saving golf clubs like Capel Bangor a lot of money

industrial dishwasher golf club

As well as modernising the look and feel of a golf and country club it’s also important to make sure that it is running efficiently too and an industrial dishwasher is the perfect tool for this too! When times got tough in my local golf club they had to come up with ways of saving money and sadly staff numbers had to be reduced in order to achieve this. How do you carry out the same number of tasks with less people though? Well the answer is that you automated, and industrial dishwashers are perfect for this.

I spoke to the kitchen manager at the golf club who oversees most of the goings on in the kitchen, he said that his commercial dishwasher has proven to be invaluable for him, not only does it clean the dishes but it also saves him a great deal of time too. I am told though that some occasional maintenance is required for dishwashers, you have to soften the water before it enters the machine to keep the insides of it clean but this doesn’t really take much effort though.